Takis Vaggelis Hassan Andrew & Antigone


TakisTakis is a 64-year-old man who used to work as a trader in the private sector for various companies in Greece and abroad. When we first met him in 2009, he had recently lost his job and was unable to afford the rent for his apartment. He then found himself on the streets of Athens...


VaggelisVagelis, a middle-aged father of a 7-year-old girl, used to work in the construction sector, which has totally collapsed in Greece since the crisis. Unemployed for too long, he could no longer afford his mortgage and lost his house. The future remains more uncertain than ever...


HassanHassan left Sudan to save his life after all of his family and friends were brutally murdered. He ended up as a refugee in Athens, only to discover that Europe might be just as dangerous and hostile as his homeland...

Andrew & Antigone

Andrew - AntigoneAndrew and Antigone, both in their 50s, are a couple that lives in one of Attica’s poorest, working-class suburbs, called Perama. Andrew used to be a piper at the well-known “Shipyards of Perama Zone”. Since 2009, they are both chronically unemployed. Due to their inability to repay their mortgages they are in immense risk of losing their house. How are they going to deal with this situation?